Wines, Ciders, and Vermouths in Recyclable Kegs 

We are pleased to offer an expanding range of wines, ciders, and vermouths in one-way, 20L recyclable keg format. Our selection is focused on the vin de soif category, with an emphasis on quality, freshness, versatility, and drinkability.

De Maison Selections was founded on the principle that good wine is a vital part of everyday life for anyone who chooses to enjoy it, in whatever format suits the moment and mood. Recyclable kegs are an ideal format to preserve the freshness and vibrancy of these refreshing, food-friendly beverages. Kegs are substantially lighter than their equivalent in glass bottles, reducing transportation emissions from shipping, and they are easily recyclable. Verified provenance and refrigerated shipment from winery to consumer is core to the De Maison Selections ethos and another way we seek to offer value, quality, and authenticity. Maximum respect for our customers drives us in all that we do. 

In addition to our current offerings, we continue pushing boundaries and exploring new territory in the convenient and sustainable keg format, so stay tuned to our Instagram channel for more news about upcoming new releases!

Technical Information & Specifications

All of our kegs come in one-way, 20L recyclable PET plastic keg format from UniKeg. These kegs connect using the standard Sankey D valve found in most keg couplers and systems in the US. We recommend the use of nitrogen for still wines and CO₂ for sparkling wines, but please consult your keg technician for best results.

  • Max Working Pressure: 3.5 bar

  • Burst Pressure: ≈ 10 bar

  • Diameter: 283 mm (11.14 in)

  • Height: 504 mm (19.84 in)

  • Empty Keg Weight: 1.61 Kg (3.55 lbs)

  • Full Keg Weight: ≈ 21.71 Kg (47.86 lbs)


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