• New wave, viticultural-inspired Mediterranean gin and vermouth
  • Impeccably sourced, wine-based spirits from premium ingredients
  • Balanced and refined, handmade artisan spirits from a uniquely experienced team
  • Distilled in Priorat, savored in Barcelona

Crafted with ingredients sourced from high in the slate mountains of Catalonia and savored in Barcelona,

BCN is a tribute to the languorous Spanish afternoons and the intensity and elegance of Barcelona nights. The BCN experience is incredibly balanced and refined, creating spirits that can be served alone and unblended for lovers of purity and intensity, or carefully blended for a luxurious and incomparable cocktail.

BCN is the passion and design of Barcelona resident and master of spirit Stefan Lismond, who learned the art of distillation in his native Belgium. Stefan has surrounded himself with an incredibly lively and talented community of contributors to the project in both Priorat and Barcelona. Among them are Norrel Robertson, Master of Wine, and Philippe Geeraert, Master Distiller, both of whom ensure the highest standards for selecting materials and distillation. Stefan also runs a speakeasy in Barcelona’s Poble Sec neighborhood, which serves as an artistic hub, bringing his community of artists, musicians, and wine lovers together. Connectedness, collaboration, and revelry are always at the heart of the BCN experience, which is both local and international, just like the city of Barcelona itself. 

Spain has a long history of consuming quaffable, botanical-focused spirits and fortifieds; drinks like the Gin Tonic or vermouth on tap for la hora del vermut have become an integral part of Spanish culture. BCN brings artisan ingredients and innovative production methods to these beloved cultural staples. All of their bottlings are crafted with fresh ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean, such as pomace from Priorat grenache and carignan for their gin and Terra Alta garnacha blanca from over 100-year-old vines, and fresh botanicals from small farmers.

The label and bottle are inspired by the iconic tiled sidewalks of Barcelona, designed in 1916 by the Belle Époque firm of Escofet Tejera & Co. The panot, a tile made from cement, sand, and water in the shape of a flower with four petals, is now a vibrant symbol of Barcelona’s culture and lifestyle and a fitting logo for a producer that celebrates its creative spirit.


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