(trah-bahn-koh) | Asturias

  • Natural cider pioneer in 1925
  • Indigenous apples, special microclimate
  • Traditional wood barrels
  • Innovative new products

Alma de Trabanco Quinquina en Rama is a new aperitif from Trabanco,

the most iconic natural cider house in Asturias, Spain. Alma was born from memories of founder Emilio Trabanco, who would add a little cider to his vermouth, thus balancing the sweetness of vermouth with the refreshing acidity of his cider. Alma is the refinement of decades of local tradition.

Trabanco is synonymous with natural cider, as the family has been a pioneer in its production since 1925. Here the focus has always been on quality and following traditional cider making methods of their native Asturias. Asturias is situated directly on the Cantabrian Sea, the historic center of Spain’s apple production and source of some of the world’s most incredible seafood.

One of the most important traditions Trabanco keeps alive is their dedication to the utilization of fermentation and storage in traditional large wood barrels, many of which are a century old. These massive barrels are the size of a small house and living inside each of them is a unique microclimate created by decades of natural yeast fermentation. Each barrel is unique and alive, as the wood has memory, which imparts an unmatched complexity in Trabanco cider. Most other houses have given up wood barrels for stainless steel fermentation with commercial yeasts, which does not impart the same complexity to the cider.

Alma de Trabanco is the first quinquina made with natural cider en rama, which means the cider is unfiltered. The process of filtering a cider’s naturally occurring sediment (called lees), can strip a cider of its character and quality. Alma respects the essence of natural cider, leaving the natural lees in the cider intact and without color correction, which is typical in most vermouths. The harmless sediment you will find in a bottle of Alma de Trabanco is a sign of the quality and authenticity of an aperitif made from natural cider.

Bottled at a refreshing and versatile fifteen percent alcohol, Alma is the perfect aperitif produced by the blending of en rama cider with white wine and various botanicals steeped in vinous alcohol. The primary botanicals in Alma de Trabanco include cinchona, wormwood, savory, gentian, artemisia, boldo, cinnamon, star anise, coriander, thyme, and vanilla. Fruits include cherry, orange peel, and lemon. The flavor profile is bright, refreshing, and satisfying; making Alma de Trabanco the perfect aperitif before a meal or base for your favorite session cocktail.

Like most families from the Asturian countryside,

the Trabancos have always made their own cider from their own apples, but in 1925 Emilio Trabanco decided to turn this household hobby into a family business. Trabanco cider quickly became known throughout the region as the premier natural cider from Asturias. Not much has changed since then: the Trabanco family is still using traditional methods, augmented with modern technologies, to produce exceptional Asturian ciders.

Trabanco’s cider house is located in the town of Gijón. In it can be found an incredible array of old chestnut barrels dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, with some large enough to hold up to 20,000 liters. The enormous square presses are made of wood and are just as old as the barrels. Trabanco has also incorporated some modern approaches to widen its array of natural apple products, introducing new items from vinegar to apple juice to the Poma Áurea, a sparkling apple cider.


Trabanco Alma bottle

Alma de Trabanco Quinquina en Rama