Handmade Spirits & Fortifieds

The De Maison Spirits philosophy is an extension of our belief that building incredible cocktails begins with sourcing the highest-quality ingredients.

Our portfolio encompasses regional, handmade spirits produced by artisans with the same agricultural perspective and dedication to craft as the rest of our portfolio. We represent independently-owned farms and distilleries, not factories, and are mindful of both tradition and innovation. We are committed to innovation by producing cutting-edge collaborations and limited-edition projects, contributing to a progressive and sustainable cocktail culture. 

In addition to our current offerings, we continue pushing boundaries and exploring new territory in the world of distilled spirits, so stay tuned to our Instagram channel for more news about upcoming new releases!


We consider it an honor to represent these distinctive spirits from France, Spain, and beyond. To celebrate these thoughtful products, we offer a range of available resources, including educational tools for distributors, consumers, and on-premise staff.

  • Cocktail recipes for our entire range of spirits, including low-abv and fortified wine-based cocktails

  • Shelf talkers highlighting not only the distinctiveness of the products but also recommended cocktail and serving suggestions

  • Producer and cocktail photographs

  • Individual tech sheets offering detailed information on each product

  • Mixology videos featuring our favorite flavor combinations


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