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Do Ferreiro Albariño Lourido 2018

Do Ferreiro Lourido bottle
Do Ferreiro Lourido label

Do Ferreiro Albariño Lourido 2018

Lourido is a 50+year-old albariño vineyard on decomposed granite soils near the town of O Facho directly facing the Ría de Arousa, located in the Salnés subzone of Rías Baixas. The roots of the vines easily penetrate the decayed, friable granite and dig deep into the soil, which can be broken by hand. This soil is ideal for structured white wine. This site is in a valley which does not see fog, so the minerality, fruit and terroir components of the site are entirely transparent. The vines here are pergola-trained, using a Cazanave-Marcón pruning style, all grapes are hand-selected and picked.

  • Site: Lourido

  • Grapes: Albariño

  • Vine Age: 50 years

  • Soil: Decomposed granite

  • Farming: Practicing organic

  • Vinification: In the winery, grapes are destemmed, cold-macerated, and pressed. A natural yeast fermentation begins using a pied de cuve from the winery’s history Cepas Vellas vineyard, followed by aging on the lees for 9 months in stainless steel.

  • Suggested Retail: $55.00