Mesquida Mora Sincronia Blanc 2023

Sincronia Blanc
Sincronia Blanc

Mesquida Mora Sincronia Blanc 2023

Sincronia Blanc is one of two complementary entry-level cuvées produced from biodynamically estate-farmed white grape varieties by Bàrbara Mesquida Mora. As with all of her wines, Sincronia Blanc is a mosaic recalling the combination of grape varieties in the blend while also representing the history of her pioneering winemaking family. Sincronia Blanc radiates the light and spirit of the island of Mallorca.

The wine is composed of the indigenous prensal blanc, giró, and parellada varieties with chardonnay that was first planted by her parents more than 40 years ago. Bright, aromatic, and elegantly textured, Sincronia Blanc remains both fresh and substantive at the same time, a testament to the incredible provenance of the vines and the expert handling by Bàrbara. It is produced with low intervention and no added sulfur dioxide.

Vinification – The wine is composed of prensal blanc, chardonnay, giró, and parellada varieties. Each variety is hand-harvested and fermented separately with indigenous yeasts. Prensal blanc spends a few days with skin contact to preserve its delicate components. After blending, Sincronia Blanc rests for four months in stainless steel on the lees. Sulfur levels are kept to the bare minimum during production, and none is added at bottling.

  • Site: Porreres

  • Grapes: Chardonnay / Giró Blanc / Prensal / Parellada

  • Vine Age: 10-40 years

  • Soil: Clay calcareous, limestone, and red clay

  • Vinification: Fermented with indigenous yeast in stainless steel

  • Aging: Aged four months on the lees in stainless steel

  • Farming: Organic and Biodynamic

  • Total S02: 19mg/L

  • Vegan: Yes

  • Suggested Retail: $32.00 (750mL)