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Jacoulot Fine de Bourgogne L’Authentique

L'Authentique Fine Brandy Label

Jacoulot Fine de Bourgogne L’Authentique

Jacoulot’s Fine Bourgogne, Burgundy’s answer to Armagnac and Cognac, is distilled once in an alembic still from a base wine of pinot noir that has been fermented to around 6-8% alcohol.

Tasting Notes: All of the elegance and vinous richness of Burgundy Pinot Noir captured in a distilled spirit. Full-bodied and lush, with notes of dried fruit, honey, and toast.

Pairing Notes: A perfect evening sipper, or as a spirituous accompaniment to a chocolate-based dessert.

  • Source: 100% de-stemmed pinot noir pomace
  • Aging: Minimum 7 years