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Jacoulot Crème de Framboise

Jacoulot Crème de Framboise

In the 1950s, Vincent Jacoulot’s descendants began branching out from brandy into fruit crèmes and liqueurs. As with all things Jacoulot, these products draw on Burgundy’s rich culinary traditions. Burgundy is known both for its beautiful vineyards and its wild-growing and unique fruits that are abundant throughout the region. These liqueurs allow us to savor the bounty of Burgundy’s harvest at any time in any place. Their careful production creates intense, pure flavors with minimal oxidation.

Jacoulot’s Crème de Framboise features wild raspberries for its maceration in neutral grape spirit, highlighting the richness of Burgundy’s harvest. Once the infusion has reached the full expression of fruit character, the fruit solids are pressed and blended into the infused distillate. These elements are combined with beet sugar to add balance, sweetness, and texture.

  • Flavor Profile: Candied raspberry and a hint of raspberry leaf on the nose, with pure raspberry jam on the palate and a smooth, creamy finish.

  • Usage: The concentrated raspberry flavor of the Crème de Framboise is a surprising complement to unaged spirits, such as tequila, gin, or agricole-style rums. Use it as the sugar in a Margarita for the ultimate summer crusher, or pour over chocolate ice cream for a perfectly indulgent dessert. Store opened bottles at or below cellar temperatures.

  • Production: Macerated local raspberries in neutral grape spirit. Fruit solids are pressed & blended into the liqueur, then sweetened with beet sugar.

  • ABV: 18%

  • Size: 700mL

  • SRP: $37.00