Do Ferreiro
Rías Baixas

This winery, founded in 1973, is currently run by Gerardo Méndez. Gerardo owns 10 hectares, three of which are over 50 years old, and one of which is over 200 years old. The vineyards follow organic guidelines, avoiding the use of pesticides and non-organic fertilizers.  In addition, Gerardo is devoted to the use of indigenous yeasts believing that through their usage the true qualities of his terruño can appear.

Gerardo farms over 175 plots of Albariño, all located in the sub-zone of Salnès. This valley’s proximity to the ocean and protection by mountain ranges has gained it the reputation for being the best area in Rías Baixas for viticulture. The blend of Gerardo’s plots is what makes up the Do Ferreiro Albariño.

Rebisaca is an experimental wine made from a vineyard site called Rebisaca that is planted with Albariño, which is then blended with Treixadura and Loureiro from the sub-zone know as Condado, on the border with Portugal.

The Cepas Vellas is from Gerardo’s plot which is over 200 years old. These vines are planted on a hillside vineyard of mainly sandy (broken granite) composition.

Gerardo Mendez has also been working tirelessly for the last twenty years to resurrect an ancient family tradition of producing handcrafted Orujo.

Orujo is a pomace brandy (a transparent spirit obtained from the distillation of the solid remains left after pressing of the grape) from northern Spain. The name comes from the expression “aguardiente de orujo” (pomace firewater). Galicia is well known for producing these types of spirits.

Licor de Hierbas is an herb-infused Orujo from Galicia. The Orujo is macerated with a selection of herbs that impart its distinctive color and flavor.