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Ramblins on Europe, May 2011: Part 2

We start up with our group for a weeks treck through Northern Spain.  Starting in Getaria, Txakoli is flowing at Ameztoi as we take in the ocean air and admire the views.  From there we explore Rioja and jump into the subject that continues to fascinate us Rioja.

We have several days to really take in the terruño.  Rioja is this valley surrounded by two mountain ranges.  In between theses ranges (Sierra de La Demanda to the south and Sierra de La Cantabria to the North) the Ebro river flows.  The theory goes that there are varied climates or terruños depending on which side of the river you are located.  So Rioja judged by its varied climates and soil types like all other great wines!  We like this and we begin by hanging out with Florentino at Luberri.  He shows off his great viticultural prowess at his sites where our newest prodigal son comes from: Orlegi.  Sandy Soils right on the Ebro river in Rioja Alavesa in Elciego.  I see the site, I get it.  This is a young wine made to show off the fruit.  Sand will do that and the proximity to the river cools the place at night.  The wine is bright and delicious.