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Ramblins on Europe, May 2011: Part 1

Back in form from a month sojourn in Europe.  France is looking very interesting as we spent a few days in the Jura.  Certainly a fascinating area and one where we will be spending a lot more time.  The whites are fascinating but the reds (Trousseau and Poulsard) are also very compelling.  In Arbois we have run into somebody who is truly operating at a level of precision that is compelling.  The trick will be to convince them to export.  It's our second visit and we are hopeful.  The same day while walking around we run into Jacque Puffeney and he kindly opens his cellar so we can taste with him.  He is friendly and seemingly characteristic of the people of this region. Friendly but not in an overt sort of way.  The wines are beautiful.  The next day we run through the Rhone and nothing really strikes us but then again we are just passing through on the way to visit my aunt and uncle in Romans.

We fly to Barcelona to meet our group and head for what is to be the last of these 9 day junkets.  Alex and I grab some great food at  Tres Porquets in Barcelona.  The food is all about raw material and although the location is far it is worth it.  Next we venture to Barmut for a night cap and what we end up getting is a full on Speakeasy venture.  After getting the no we can't seat you speech we insist and get escorted to a private room in a building where Barmut is located. After some delay in front of a guy with a mike in a vestibule we get ushered upstairs to Bar Muti.  Great cocktails and live cuban sounds..not bad for a night in BCN!