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Part 1: ...and now we finally have wee-fee!
Part 2: Continued adventures in Sherry
Part 3: All about site in Muscadet

Sherry Camp and Muscadet, March 2011

Continued adventures in Sherry...
Cesar Florido and Chipiona - 25 meters from the ocean!

So here is this village just south of Sanlucar de Barrameda right on the Atlantic Ocean that nobody has ever heard of unless you know the famous singer Rocío Jurado!

This place was a revelation.  There used to be 83 wineries and today two independents and one cooperative remain.  I found it through my research for the origins of Moscatel and found the grand master wizard of Moscatel Cesar Florido.  But that is just the beginning of the story.

Me meet Cesar and drive to Chipiona.  We stop to have a bit of lunch at a seaside restaurant and Cesar pulls out a fino..what?  Of course everyone smakes a fino but when you are 25 meters from the ocean all bets are off.  This fino is steely and mineral and just plain delicious.  This doesn’t fit into my neat plan to only bring in a few wines representative of each bodega and nobody told me why a village in Sherry no one has ever heard of could produce such a stunning fino.  All of this is part of the incredibly complex and unknown place that is Sherry.  How such an important product like this is kept a mystery is beyond me.  We go on to taste his oloroso and it is another gem.  But of course we are here for Moscatel (I keep reminding myself) and they are stunning.  They are listed on our website and they will be the introduction to Cesar’s winery but I know this is just the beginning of what we will import from Cesar.

Sherry is a gold mine of historical artifacts that we are just beginning to un earth.  So many more things will become apparent with time and I look forward to this amazing discovery process.