Trabanco Sidra Natural Cosecha Propia 2016

Trabanco Cosecha Propia

This special blend from Trabanco is made with only estate grown, native Asturian apple varieties that have been selected by the Asturian Association of Cider Apple Growers.

Vinification Each apple variety for this cider has been fermented separately with indigenous yeasts and in accordance with the guidelines for “Naturally Fermented Quality Ciders.”

Tasting Notes Unripened, fruity apple on the nose. Dried roses and freshly churned butter with a crisp freshness on the palate. Finishes with a hint of grapefruit and lemon.

Keg Trabanco Cosecha Propia is also available in a 20L, recyclable Polykeg with a standard sankey coupler. We recommend using nitrogen gas for taps, but please consult your keg tech.

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    A blend of various native varieties that have been approved by the AACOMASI (Asturian Association of Cider Apple Growers)

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    $12.00 (700ml)