What's New in July

A Sherry Evening

At the end of a long day, when the work is done and the shadows are getting long, there’s nothing like kicking back with a glass of fino and some olives and cheese. The complex saline and yeasty flavors make it the ideal companion for these kinds of savory snacks. Fino seems made for that tranquil moment before dinner.

And after starting off with a fino, may we suggest an amontillado to go with the central part of your meal? Its nutty character provides a wonderful counterbalance to a rich main dish.

And to finish, try a moscatel, if you like things sweet, or an oloroso, if you prefer them dry. The perfect way to finish off a sherry evening.

Besides being simply delicious, fino is also surprisingly versatile. Last month we told you about the Andalucian gin and tonic and how a little fino can bring the umami. Here’s another idea that puts fino into a new context and gives the drink that saline touch. Try this one when it’s hot out.