What's New in July

Focus on Bizkaia

So you thought you couldn’t find enough Txakolina? We learned the hard way that we couldn't find enough either. After selling our entire allocation of Ameztoi 2006 by the end of March, we realized we had a problem.

In a passing conversation, Ignacio from Ameztoi mentioned that he was making a wine for a friend of his in Bizkaia and that if we were interested we could import some. I told him we were pretty set since we already had two wines from the Bizkaiko Txakolina D.O.

As I began to reflect on this and the orders continued coming in for Ignacio’s wine, I thought that maybe we did need another wine with Ignacio’s signature. We tasted the wine and were taken by its delightful nature. In addition, it came from a totally different subzone and a third of the grapes in this wine are the local red grape variety Hondarribi Beltza.

Today we find ourselves offering you three different Txakolinas from Bizkaia. All three of these wines are unique and distinct. Txakolina as a viticultural area is fascinating in that it continues to challenge our expectations.  In the beginning, we sought the wines out for their freshness. Today the wines continue to deliver freshness but with added complexity that the different subzones bring to the table. Add to this the fact that there are different philosophies at play at these wineries and you get three distinct visions of this fantastically captivating area.

Uriondo (Zaratamo)
The first Txakolina we ever brought in and still one of my favorites. Made by a philosopher/poet/mayor Roberto Ibarretxe, the wine is delicate and airy; feeling like a Haiku, it delivers a punch line that causes one to marvel at its simplicity. 200 little cases are making it to our shores.

Doniene (Bakio)
We spoke of this wine and its reclusive older brother (Gorrondona Tinto) last month. This wine is built to last, much more muscular and structured with obvious mineral and lime notes. It is very similar to a Jurançon in style. There are 150 cases available.

Gurrutxaga (Mendexa)
Here it is, our newest offering. A brand new wine produced from a site on the border with the Getariako D.O. Crafted from an unusual blend of Hondarribi Zuri, Mune Mahatsa and Hondarribi Beltza, it shows a crazy white gold color with aromas of melons, kiwis and apples. Rich and quite lengthy on the palate, it has a mineral tone with a light and spritz-y quality, due to Ignacio’s hand. 150 cases are available.