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Introducing A Coroa

Angel Lopez and his family founded this winery in 2002 after spending years in the nursery business in Valdeorras. Native to the region, they supplied a majority of the wineries with their vines and have been on the forefront of Valdeorras' reborn interest in the Godello varietal. Godello was one of the original varietals grown in the region by the Romans over two thousand years ago, since then the grape has slowly drifted toward obscurity until newer winemakers in the area decided to resurrect this unique varietal that is native to Valdeorras.

An ancient varietal isn’t the only Roman treasure that Angel Lopez and his family utilize in their winemaking; they found an old Roman edifice whose remaining chimney is reminder of the glorious past of this region. They restored the original building, respecting the parameters of that time period, stone, wood, mud and iron. They installed the latest technology including a rotary fermenter. Small 10,000 liter refrigerated tanks allow for the individual parcels to be separately vinified. They farm a total of 10 hectares comprised of several different vineyard sites all located in the area around the winery at A Rua in Valdeorras. The parcels have varying exposures and elevations but tend to share slate soils and the Godello grape as a unifying element. As the most in-land part of Galicia, these sites enjoy warmer days than most of the region but still benefits from the cool air traveling along the river Sil. All the vineyards are hand harvested.  Viticultural is sustainable with the least amount of herbicides and pesticides used.  All the parcels are fermented using indigenous yeast and fermented at low temperatures to extract maximum aromas and flavors. The wines are then aged on the lees for 6 months and a blend is made from the best lots to create A Coroa.

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