What's New in March


One of the most famous Basque folk dances is the "godalet-dantza" or wine glass dance. It is performed by four men in a variety of elaborate costumes. The central figure is the Zamalzain (or horse-man) who wears a paper horse around his waist which prevents him from seeing his feet. The Zamalzain's dance is the highlight and consists of his leaping skillfully onto and off a glass of txakoli placed on the ground - without spilling a drop.

The 2005 Txakolinas are now arriving!

Xarmant from D.O. Arabako Txakolina and Ameztoi from D.O. Getariako Txakolina are now available and we have more Txakoli on the way. Arriving in early April is the Uriondo from D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina. In May we will see the return of the barrel fermented Ameztoi Upelean Hartzitua as well as our new red Txakolina from D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina.