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Rotllan Torra Amadis 2003 - Now Available!

2003 was a very good year for Rotllan Torra.  Although the heat wave of 2003 did reach Spain, Rotllan Torra's high altitude, old vines vineyards were well suited to deal with this issue.

Rottlan Torra is located at one of the high points of the Priorat denomination in the town of Torroja.  Rotllan Torra's vineyards are all around the town and benefit greatly from this cool microclimate.  In 2003 the grapes reached phenolic maturity (hard to acheive in warmer areas where sugar levels spiked before the grapes reached full maturity.)  The wines are powerfull yet also sweet showing smooth rich tannins.

Amadis 2003
Dark Opaque color. Aromas of chocolate and coffee mingle with mineral overtones.  On the palate the wine is very dense and chewy almost, A spicy, soft fruit fills out the back end. Drink now through 2015.


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