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A Drink From The Porron

Bubbles from Bugey

We all love Champagne, but with so many options in the world why not explore? It seems that every winery you visit, especially in France, is making a bit of bubbly on the side. Usually, it is produced for local consumption or in an effort to present a complete range of products to visitors. But sometimes, these out-of-the-way places have the right grapes, the right terroir, and the right know-how to make unique bubbly of exceptional quality.

In Bugey, our man Thierry Tissot makes a Brut from Altesse and Chardonnay grown on clay-calcareous soils with veins of blue shale. The Altesse brings a distinctly nutty flavor profile and body, and the extensive lees aging of 30 months brings impressive depth and complexity. This is no side project – this is serious wine.

The wine is extremely versatile when paired with food, but it is especially suited to holiday finger foods: cheese crackers, smoked salmon, nuts, foie gras, oysters (raw, smoked, or fried).