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Rare Wines for the Holidays

Rare Wine for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to open that special bottle of wine. Opportunities for celebrations abound, as do excuses to enjoy a rare treat. Here are a few of our special selections that we’re enjoying this holiday season.

A Coroa 200 Cestos 2011
This winery is really just exploding on the scene and revealing the great qualities of Godello. Last year they purchased an old plot in O Bolo in the Val de Las Augas. 200 Cestos is the first release from this old parcel of Godello. This wine is named for the 200 bushels this vineyard would give at harvest and is purely mineral-driven, from granite soils at 615 meters elevation. Great cut and precision in this thirst-quenching first offering. 100 cases were produced for this inaugural vintage.

Torre del Conde de Hervías 2006
Sourced from the same low-yielding vineyards as the Conde de Hervías, the Torre del Conde de Hervías is only made in the years between vintages suitable for the Conde de Hervías. Aged in both French and American oak, this wine is an ideal expression of Torremontalvo. It is intense red in color with aromas of tobacco, vanilla and truffle. A smooth start leads to a surprising forcefulness on the palate. The wine exhibits an incredible synergy of alcohol, acidity and tannins typical of Torremontalvo.

El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximénez Viejisimo
The sweet Pedro Ximénez Viejisimo is sourced from a 14 butt solera of Pedro Ximénez that is over 50 years old. Every year only 100 cases are bottled. Wild aromas of blueberries and red fruits with dark caramel notes. The palate is dense and displays the perfect balance between reduction and acidity. A marvel of Spain’s long winemaking tradition.