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Sherry, a natural pairing for the holidays.

The same question comes up every year: “what do I pour with my holiday meal?” And every year the answer is something different. This year we’re enjoying sherry with our holiday meals. Whether it’s a glass of fino or manzanilla with a country ham, some amontillado with that bird, or the perfect pairing of an oloroso with your holiday roast; sherry offers something for every meal. We could go on and on about the virtues of sherry as one of the world’s best food wines and how great it is for your holiday feast, but we’re not interested in dinner right now. We’re looking at those little, quintessential treats of the season and wondering, “what do I drink with holiday cookies?”

Everyone has their favorites; some enjoy the fresh-baked selection from their local bakery, others have that family recipe going back generations, and still others go for the American classic printed on the back of that bag of chocolate chips. So when you’re sitting around with friends and family, enjoying a selection of everyone’s favorites, what do you pour? You could always go with the old standby eggnog (check out our suggestion on that subject). Or you could go with something a little different, the sweet wines of sherry: Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel.

Dark fruits and exotic spices combined with classic caramel overtones make El Maestro Sierra’s Pedro Ximénez an ideal pairing for those full-flavored, hearty winter treats, while the floral aromas and delicate finish of the Moscatel Soleado from Gutierrez Colosia will find a wonderful home with your lighter and finer seasonal delicacies. Take your pick, you won’t be disappointed.

El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximénez
Made from 100% Pedro Ximénez, this wine spends 15 years aging in the solera system. A glass will treat you to a nose of exotic spices and almost red fruits that combine with more classic caramel overtones. With great acidity the wine is light on its feet and almost refreshing. Enjoy at room temperature.

Gutierrez Colosia Moscatel Soleado
After harvest the clusters of Moscatel grapes destined to become this wine are laid out on straw mats on the sandy seaside flats of the Chipiona region. After 2 weeks of sunbathing the grapes are crushed and fermented. The final wine will treat you to aromas of orange blossoms and white flowers. It is silky and elegant with a delicate and lengthy finish. Chill before enjoying.

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2010 Concoction Contest: Cider

Our 2010 Concoction Contest has come to an end. Thank you for your original Cider Concoction recipes and cocktails. We will be tasting through the entries and announce a winner in January.

Spero's Meditation
by Alan M. of Blue Ribbon Downing St Bar, in New York

3.5oz Poma Áurea
0.75oz Poli Traminer Grappa
0.5oz Raw Honey Simple Syrup*
0.5oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
Combine ingredients in shaker, top with ice and stir lightly to combine. Pour and serve in a champagne flute.

by Fernando A. from CT

1 Icecube
1 Half-bottle Isastegi Sagardo Naturala
1 Bottle (12oz) Miller Highlife
1 Thin Lime Slice
Place icecube and lime slice in a highball glass. Serve with a bottle each of Isastegi Sagardo Naturala and Miller Highlife. Allow drinker to combine ingredients at desired ratio and stir gently.