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Thanksgiving with Tres Olmos

If you haven’t figured it out yet, one of the greatest values in our book is Tres Olmos from Garciarevalo in Rueda. The Tres Olmos plot, named for the "Three Elms" standing over it, is full of centennial vines as old as 185 years! This is possible because we are talking about a sandy area on a plateau that was never affected by phylloxera. These are all vines on their original rootstock!

We have been working closely with Antonio for almost 15 years and have always pushed him to explore these sites and create something special. For many years I gave him bottles of Cepas Vellas from Do Ferreiro. In addition, Gerardo Mendez came out to visit him and when he saw the old vines he immediately drew parallels to his old vine parcels. The key was to get Antonio to believe in a radical proposition. The approach was to do a spontaneous ferment with the oldest parcels, occasionally stir the lees and watch and wait as the wine evolved. He started doing experiments while consulting Gerardo and finally with the 2015 vintage he achieved what we always knew could come out of such spectacular vineyards.

The 2015 Tres Olmos is glorious in its complex aromas; the palate delivers tangible textural differences with previous vintages. This amazing wine is particularly well suited to this great American treat: Thanksgiving turkey.

- André Tamers