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New vintages from Thierry Tissot

Thierry Tissot is a gentle and soft-spoken man, but don’t let that give you the wrong impression: he is intense. Consider the example of his Mataret vineyard. This is a site that the old-timers know for producing great wines, and that is the genesis of Thierry’s interest in the place. But the challenges of replanting this vineyard would have made almost anyone turn away. First of all, it’s really steep, with up to 45% slope, which is one of the main reasons it was abandoned in the first place. Second, the land was divided up in a crazy patchwork of tiny parcels, with nearly 50 different landowners involved. Lastly, since the site had been abandoned for over 50 years, it was completely covered in dense brush and chestnut trees. But Thierry persevered. He tracked down the landowners and bought all the parcels, he cleared the land, worked the soil, and planted his favorite native grape varieties: Roussette and Mondeuse.

Watch him tell his own story here:

Now you might ask if such monumental effort was worth it. The answer to that question is in the bottle. We have new vintages of Thierry’s three wines landing this month, so now is a great time to check it out for yourself.

Roussette “Mataret” 2009: From a warm and sunny vintage, this wine is more immediately accessible than the 2008. It’s fatter and rounder in the mouth, less taut but with more obvious fruit flavors of peaches and apricots.

Mondeuse “Mataret” 2011: The vines in the Mataret vineyard are still fairly young, so each extra year of age makes a big difference. For the Mondeuse, this means that the 2011 is more structured and more concentrated than the 2010, while remaining in line stylistically with its predecessor.

Gamay 2012: Very similar to the 2011, but maybe a tad fresher and lighter, this wine is full of juicy red fruit.