What's New in November

Cellar Selections

Spain is known for the aging potential of its wines. Unfortunately, very few wineries today have any decent stocks. We have been cellaring different wines with the intention of releasing them on a limited basis.

Every November we open our cellar and release some very special wines. They are extremely limited and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. This November we have selections from two exceptional bodegas available:

Viña Sastre

These wines from Jesus Sastre represent a dying tradition that we have brought back to life starting with the 2009 which will be released in 2015. Jesus stopped making the Pago de Santa Cruz Gran Reservas in 2001. Please note that there is a very small quantity of 2001 not listed which will be released at a future date.

Viña Sastre Pago de Santa Cruz Gran Reserva 1999
One of my favorite vintages from Jesus. Aged 36 months in older 225 liter barrels and 1 year in foudre. A stunning wine with incredible life ahead. Hold for another 10+ years. - André Tamers

Viña Sastre Pago de Santa Cruz Gran Reserva 1996
On my last trip Jesus came to me and asked me if I was interested in purchasing any of this classic wine that I had believed to be long sold out. I of course said yes and the wine is now back in the US in very limited quantity. This is personally one of the wines that caused me to start cellaring these cuvées. About eight years ago I had tasted this wine with Jesus and we thought it was passed its prime. Little did we know how wrong we were. This wine just keeps going and is at its apogee today. - André Tamers

El Maestro Sierra

These are thought to be some of the oldest wines in Jerez. What makes these wines so unique is not only their age but their authenticity. Authenticity because they are of this cellar and always have been. They were born here. These are the crown jewels of our portfolio and we are proud to be able to offer these on a very limited basis once a year.

As a side note, because of their age these wines, once opened, do not have an expiration date. Serve them like a great cognac.

Palo Cortado VORS (from four barrels)
Our first year offering this rarity in Jerez. Like all of these VORS wines, the age is unknown. Try this wine if you want to know what the myth of Palo Cortado is all about. - André Tamers

Amontillado 1830 VORS (from two barrels)
Thought to be the best sherry at the estate and my personal favorite. Incredibly long and ethereal. - André Tamers

Oloroso 1/14 VORS (from 14 barrels)
Deep with a tremendously long finish. Perfect with a Partagas 898. - André Tamers

Oloroso 1/7 VORS (from nine barrels, not seven, but the name sticks)
THE oldest sherry at the estate. Like a fine cognac. - André Tamers

Pedro Ximénez Viejisimo VORS
In his book about sherry Julian Jeff explains these arope-style PXs and how they were made 100 years ago at 10% alcohol. Incredibly concentrated yet delicate for its class. - André Tamers

News from the #SherryRevolution

Viva la Revolución! Welcome to all who have joined the #SherryRevolution. We would like to bestow specific honors to the Lieutenants of the Revolution, the first among many to answer the call and pledge their allegiance to the cause.

Antonio Lobo Blue Ribbon
The Wine Bottega Calvernt Wine and Spirits
Cheryl Kenny Craig Perman
Danielle Snijders Dave Erickson
Elizabeth Mendez Greg Reeves
Gretchen Thomas Ian Louisignau
Iron Bridge JJ Clifton
Joe Manekin Joey Trujillo
Jon Marvin Kerin Auth
Max Kuller Nacho Ordóñez
Nathan Vandergrift Patrick Raum
Paul Dangel Las Ramblas
Ryan Looper Shannon Healy
Sharon Baden Shebnem Ince
T. Duncan Mitchell Toni Ketrenos
Ty Martin Oz Wine Company

2011 Cocktail Contest: Sweet Wines of Jerez

Our 2011 Concoction Contest is underway. We want your original sweet wines of Jerez cocktails, please email them to us. The winner will receive a hand painted porron from this year's guest artist. Here is our latest submission:

PX, I Love You
By Shannon H. from Crook's Corner in Chapel Hill, NC

1 oz Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximénez
½ oz Drambuie
½ oz lemon juice
Combine ingredients and shake. Strain into cold cocktail glass.