What's New in November

André's Turkey Day

November conjures up colorful images of fall with foods such as mushrooms, game and of course, in the United States, turkey. The question that always comes up this time of year is what to serve with the bird. Every year everyone comes up with different ideas. Honestly not much works other than light reds and richer unoaked whites. 

But at my house we bend the rules. Turkey is an appetizer course followed up with rich meat dishes such as leg of lamb or game. With this in mind we have the following new releases which amazingly enough marry well with this philosophical compromise on Thanksgiving.

Doniene Txakolina 2007
This is our Thanksgiving txakolina. A compelling white made in the style of a Jurançon but without the oak. This works beautifully with roasted turkey.

Luberri Biga 2005
You could actually pair this with the turkey... what, you say no way, let me remind you that this is a fruit forward Rioja that could segway into the meat segment of the dinner.

Viña Sastre Roble 2007
Now we get started on the wines that pair with lamb and game. Although 2007 is a lighter vintage, this is Sastre.

Viña Sastre Pago de Santa Cruz 2005
Oh yeah, can’t be afraid of a little power here. A spectacular vintage to keep for a while.

Ostatu Reserva 2004
Big, bright rich fruit from another spectacular vintage. 50+ year old vines in the on the border of Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Alta.

Joan d'Anguera Finca l ’Argata 2006
A really elegant showing for this wine. If I was thinking cellaring I would have all three of these wines set aside.

Also New...

Host Your Own: Fall Sherry Dinner

In my continuing effort to proselytize on behalf of the wonderful style of wine that is sherry, my girlfriend and I organized a sherry dinner at our house this past weekend. Five courses, five sherries, good times. The idea was, of course, first and foremost to have some good food and good wine, but it was also to educate a little about what sherry is and how damn good it is with food. So we spent a whole day between the farmer’s market, various grocery stores, and the kitchen (but mostly the kitchen), cooking up a storm.

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Cava Cocktail Contest

Here is a new submission for our Cava Avinyó Cocktail Contest. The end of the year is near and time is running out for recipe submissions, so send them to us before it's too late.