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What's New

New Releases from A Coroa

The 2012 Godellos from A Coroa are arriving this month and we’re very excited about this new vintage. Compared to the 2011s, the wines from 2012 are leaner and nervier, more taut, showing more intense mineral components and great structure. For all these reasons, we’re eager to watch these wines develop in bottle over the next 2 to 3 years.

In case you’re not familiar with the story, here’s the deal: the folks at A Coroa know their Godello. The winery itself may have been founded only in 2002, but for many years before that the family was in the nursery business, championing their favorite native grape. It is largely due to them that Godello did not fade to obscurity in Valdeorras. And through a collaboration with the DO, they identified the clones best suited to the area, and that is what much of Valdeorras is planted with today.

These days A Coroa makes some of the best wine from the region. (You don’t need to take our word for it, see what Eric Asimov has to say about it). The grapes come from five slate-soiled parcels high up on the hillsides above the town of A Rua, all exposed south-southwest. The winery’s commitment to the highest quality wine and their respect for the land are pushing them to a conversion to organic agriculture, which they are doing parcel by parcel.

The latest project is called 200 Cestos. A Coroa recently bought a plot in the subzone of O Bolo, right on the edge of Ribeira Sacra. Here the soils are granite, and the landscape is extreme. But why try to describe it when you can take a look for yourself?

The 2012 A Coroa is in stock now, while the 200 Cestos will be available by mid-month.