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The Silence Of Jerez

While Sherry is one of the hardest wines to describe and comprehend, it is also one with an illustrious history unparalleled in Spain. Today however, there is a certain silence which permeates the region. The global recession has only aggravated a market that has been in crisis for a long time. This is the silence of Jerez as described by Antonio Lobo in his blog:

Una cosa que me llama la atención de esta historia de la ciudad y su vino es el silencio: de toda esta historia no hay, en general, muchas ganas de hablar. Será porque el deterioro del panorama comercial y la caída del empleo han sido esta vez demasiado brutales. Una de las cosas que han ocurrido es que entre las generaciones más jovenes -generalizando también- no existe conocimiento ni interés por el asunto y su valor.

We have been traveling to this fantastic region for many years and every time we leave with a sense of awe and reverence. It’s not only the landscape or the architecture but the people we have met who create this sensation. When one talks to the bodega manager (the capataz), one begins to understand the complexity inherent with this region. This complex mix of personalities blends with a unique viticultural climate to create one of the most singular wines. It breaks our notion of what wine is about. It is complex, ambiguous, and yet at the same time delicious and compelling. It is about food and for food. It is the umami of the wine world.

As Antonio mentions in his text, we have lost an entire generation of sherry drinkers. It is time to change the momentum and bring awareness back to this forgotten land and its people. The backbone of this region is the almacenista and the capataz. They are the keepers of the secrets of Sherry. As talented as any winemaker in the world, they have been perfecting their craft in silence for many generations. They blend the past with the future.



We want to rally the troops and champion the cause of the almacenista and the capataz of Sherry. This is not “trending”, but a reverence and celebration of the beauty of the craft and its past. It is a break from the modern establishment. Our revolution starts with 5 almacenistas and their 19 Sherries. This is the #SherryRevolution. In the iconography of Sherry, the hash tag symbolizes volatility. Let your Sherry voice be heard!


Sherry is the craft of the capataz. The respect for the tradition of the almacenista is paramount to the movement. The future of the tradition lies in our hands (and our glasses). There are seven llamadas to the movement:

  1. I will always have an open bottle of Sherry in my establishment.
  2. I will always chill my fino and ensure that it is fresh.
  3. I will share the virtues of Sherry with my friends.
  4. I will set a week aside for Sherry.
  5. Respect the Almacenista.
  6. Respect the Capataz.
  7. Respect the Flor.

If you would like to be a part of the movement commit to the manifesto. The first 50 people who joined the #SherryRevolution have been named as the Lieutenants of the Revolution and received a t-shirt.

May The Flor Be With You.

#SherryRevolution T-Shirt

2011 Cocktail Contest: Sweet Wines of Jerez

Our 2011 Concoction Contest is underway. We want your original sweet wines of Jerez cocktails, please email them to us. The winner will receive a hand painted porron from this year's guest artist.