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2010 Annual Cellar Releases

The idea of cellaring and releasing wines when they are mature is a tradition in Spain. In fact, the Rioja classification system of selling wines by their aging time in the cellar was set up specifically to ensure that the customer would receive a wine only when it is ready to drink. Unfortunately, strong economic factors are now forcing many wineries to abandon this tradition.

We have decided that the onus is on us to preserve this tradition by cellaring wines. Starting this year we will be releasing small quantities of a select few wines from our cellar. These releases will only be available once a year and on a first-come, first-served basis. Every one of these wines was meticulously transported and cellared like all our shipments.

Do Ferreiro Albariño 2004
15 cases currently available. SOLD OUT
After speaking to Gerardo of Do Ferreiro about our intentions to start cellaring some wines he informed me that he was doing the same. The 2004 Albariño was the first vintage from Do Ferreiro that we decided to age, with the analytical data showing that it was particularly well-suited for such a treatment. Tasting the wine earlier this year, I found a wine with vigor and nuance that had evolved beautifully, with potential for a bit more cellaring.

Do Ferreiro Albarino 2005
10 cases currently available. SOLD OUT
The 2005 was an another exceptional year with marked fruit and underlying acidity.  Here the wine is saline and beginning to take on honeyed components. Possibly an earlier maturing wine but no less interesting than the previous vintage.

Viña Sastre, Pago de Santa Cruz Gran Reserva 1995
10 cases currently available. SOLD OUT
I discovered Sastre in 1997 by drinking this wine in a restaurant in Segovia. It was an amazing experience that I remember as clearly as being turned on to Spanish wine by drinking Pesquera 1982 in 1985. The power and gracefulness was compelling but when I finally got the opportunity to buy wines from Sastre the vintage had been sold out, or so I was told. Fast forward to 2008 and I’m sitting with Jesus Sastre, eating, when out of nowhere he tells me that he had just unearthed a certain quantity of the 1995 from his cellar. All this time he had the wine cellared! I bought everything he had. The wine is glorious today and drinking beautifully at 13% alcohol.

Viña Sastre, Pago de Santa Cruz Gran Reserva 1999
20 cases currently available. SOLD OUT
This was one of the most interesting wines when it was in its infancy. I remember tasting it out of foudres after it had spent 3 years in older barrels. Jesus was very disappointed by the wine since it seemed to be in a very odd phase; burly and un-yielding, we gave it the nickname “dos cojones”. Again, fast forward a few years and Jesus brings me the wine recently bottled. We tasted it together and marveled at its finesse. We both comment how little we understand about wine. This wine is drinking well now but could benefit from more cellaring. Lucky for us, Jesus sold me the totality of what was left at the winery.


Also New...

2010 Concoction Contest: Cider

Our 2010 Concoction Contest is underway. We want your original Cider Concoction recipes and cocktails, please email them to us. The winner will receive a hand painted porron from this year's guest artist: Beatrice Agullo.

Cider N' Spice
by Charles S. of Bocado Tapas Wine Bar in Worcester, MA

2.5oz Isastegi Cider
0.5oz St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram
A dash of Bittermens Xocoltl Mole Bitter
Combine ingredients and shake. Strain into a chilled, cinnamon and sugar rimmed glass and garnish with an apple slice.