What's New in October

It's all about Sherry.

It's October and that means the fall releases from our three Sherry producers are now here. All the old favorites from Gutierrez Colosia, El Maestro Sierra and La Cigarrera are now available, but that's not all. The ultra-rare, so-old-that-even-the-Capataz-who's-been-at-the-winery-since-1959-isn't-sure-how-old-they-are sherries from El Maestro Sierra have arrived. To say that these wines have a limited production would be an understatement, so keep your eyes open for a special offering that is coming out for the El Maestro Sierra Amontillado 1830, Oloroso 1/14, Oloroso 1/7, and Pedro Ximénez Viejisimo. This fall we also have a new addition to our family of sherries: Sangre y Trabajadero Oloroso from Gutierrez Colosia. Initially made by the best cooper in Jerez, this sherry was the original every-man Oloroso, named for the hard-working butchers whose shops neighbored the cooper's. There is a sherry for every taste and every occasion; it's October and it's all about sherry.

If you'd like to learn more about Sherry, download the PDF of our Sherry 101 Seminar.