A Drink From The Porron

A Drink From The Porron

Twenty Years in the Making
Cellar Releases with Exceptional Provenance

Many years of searching the back roads of Spain has confirmed to me that many of the country’s greatest treasures are, and have always been Spain’s famous age-worthy wines. Spain’s strength is in its capacity to produce great, long-lived wines. Wines which transmit their stories from generation to generation. From the great Tempranillos of the north to the rare Sherries from the south, our growers have not only the capability but precedence, to create some of the greatest long-lived wines in the world. This idea inspired me to create a program whereby we would recreate the same perfect conditions as found in the wineries, releasing wines with extended age.

Today, we are opening up our temperature controlled cellar and offering unprecedented, extensive releases from several of our wineries. All of the wines are traceable from the grower’s top single-vineyards to your glass. The wines have perfect provenance.

Why does provenance matter?

When I built this cellar program I did it with intent: not only am I interested in offering our customers the ability to buy verticals of these wines, but I am also obsessed with impeccable temperature control and storage. Since the beginning of the company, we have shipped in refrigerated containers, not just in the summer months, but all 365 days of the year. In addition, all of our wines are stored refrigerated, with a specialized, outside firm monitoring and guaranteeing the cellar conditions we have established. This was a decision based on a qualitative intent, which I realized would define our company. Doing things the best way possible, following the example of our amazing growers and respecting their work to the greatest degree possible.

Today provenance is more important than ever. As the world has globalized and distances become shorter, many older-vintage wines are now appearing on wine lists and in stores. However, if those wines do not have a transparent record of where and how they have been stored and transported; then what is the point? Who wants to just drink something old because it is old? Shouldn’t we be able to demand perfect accountability for wines that were produced at exceptional sites, with an incredible amount of work and sacrifice from the grower?

Traditional Classics

The wines in our offering are from a series of three spectacular vintages for Tempranillo from northern Spain. In this release, we offer the ability for you to present the exclusive experience of tasting three distinct vintages from single-vineyard terroirs, made by some of Spain’s most visionary artisans. These wines were made to exacting standards, showcasing the future of Spain through single-vineyard wines with impeccable provenance. These are not ephemeral efforts influenced by trends; they are classics built with respect for tradition and the land. I hope you will join us this fall as we travel the US doing special events showcasing the argument for these type of wines and why they are important to both the history, and future of Spain.

- André Tamers