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A Drink From The Porron

Cider, A Natural Frontier

Cider continues to be one of the most exciting new frontiers for our explorations. The places where cider is made are always incredibly beautiful. Just think of the mountain ranges that dramatically disappear into the Cantabrian sea, or the beautiful lush mountains on both sides of the Basque country. Once you visit these areas you immediately fall in love with their splendor and their gastronomic offerings. Highly complex and drinkable, cider is a perfect foil for many different foods from these incredible areas. Its acidity and low carbonation make it an ideal pairing for classic hearty bean stews, grilled seafood, meats or vegetables but also very suitable for cuisines involving spicy components.

This fall we are excited to introduce a new cider from Trabanco called Manzana Lin. This new cider is sourced from a single orchard named Finca San Pedro de Anes, planted primarily with the Lin apple variety. In addition, Trabanco is releasing new packaging for Poma Áurea.

A Drink From The Porron

There are also interesting developments for ciders in the Basque country. Isastegi is at the forefront of the new denomination of Spanish Basque ciders made only from local apples called Euskal Sagardoa, this year’s release will be the first to bear this new classification. The 2015 vintage ciders from Bordatto are coming; their incredible strides in the last few years show what complex, bottled-conditioned ciders can evolve into. If you have yet to take the plunge into discovering ciders now is the time. Venture to the future and explore products that have always been at both geographic and organoleptic frontiers.