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Handle With Care: Refrigeration

In an increasingly global economy, the issues of provenance and traceability are much more than just buzzwords. Provenance is about maintaining the integrity of the wine from the vineyard to the glass, even if that glass is on the other side of the world.

You’ve likely experienced the disappointment of a good bottle of wine handled carelessly. These situations occur all too frequently, but progress begins with awareness. As our collective awareness of the proper standards for storage and service grows, perhaps the most important question a consumer can pose remains unasked: "How was this bottle shipped?"

For the past two years we have been working with eProvenance to track shipments with our suppliers, Hillebrand, and our freight forwarders to find breaks in the cold chain. This summer, we are collaborating with Western Carriers and our national wholesale and distribution partners to take this project to the next level. eProvenance sensors have been placed into cases of wine to record temperature conditions as they are transported across the country.

Through coordinated effort, we can advance expectations for the proper care and respect of wine, a respect that begins with temperature controlled transport. Please take a moment to read the article, Handle with Care, posted to our website for a detailed discussion of this very important topic.