What's New in August

So you like Tibouren rosé?

It seems that lots of people do, given the exploding popularity of Clos Cibonne’s pink wines. But the rosés are the serious older siblings of the estate. What if you want your Tibouren a little more raw, a little wilder, a little less dressed up? How about a purer expression of the grape?

Enter Clos Cibonne Cuvée Spéciale Tibouren Rouge: the younger brother who’s less refined, perhaps, but tons of fun and just as charming as the rest of the family. Coming from 40 year old Tibouren vines, this singular wine puts the varietal character of the grape front and center. lt shows soft tannins and plenty of juicy red fruit, so it's a great red wine to chill and enjoy on the porch. That makes it the perfect transitional wine to bridge the divide from summer to fall.