What's New in July


You know what’s really good with grilled steak? Cider. Especially in the summer months, when the warmer weather will make you think twice about reaching for a big red wine, cider turns out to be the ideal companion. Now you might think that cider and steak is a strange pairing, but consider two things: first, that it’s been done since time immemorial in the Basque country, where they presumably know a thing or two about beef and cider... Second, cider actually has many of the same attributes that make a big red so good with steak, like a full body and solid tannic structure.

Our recommendation? Bordatto Basa Jaun 2011. Right now is a great time to crack open a bottle. After a year and a half of aging, this cider is really starting to hit its stride. The aromas are getting more complex, showing less fruit and more notes of leather, tobacco, and spice. The tannins have mellowed to give just the right soft grip. To put it broadly, the cider has become more vinous. This is grand cru stuff indeed.

One last note about your steak: for maximal pairing pleasure, do it like they do in the Basque country and go grass-fed. The complex flavors of the grass-fed meat really bring out the best in the Basa Jaun.