What's New in July

Drinkability Factor/Se Dejan Beber/Vins de Soif

With temperatures above 100º F in too many parts of the country, wines that are drinkable and low alcohol come to mind. Wines that let themselves be drunk, as the Spanish like to say, “vinos que se dejan beber.” Or as the French call them, “vins de soif,” wines of thirst.

We are specialists in this category. Txakoli, Muscadet and Vi d’Agulla are examples that come to mind. In addition to those, we would like to highlight three others that are our wines of choice this summer:

Amizade Godello 2010. 12.5% of pure thirst-quenching glory. This wine is always the first to disappear at our table, and obviously the New York Times agreed, having selected it as one of its top Godellos.

D Ventura Viña do Burato 2011. 12.5%. Again, how often can you say low alcohol and Spain in the same breath? Not very often, but the reality is in this recently arrived offering. Another project which Gerardo Mendez (of Do Ferreiro) initiated in Galicia. And don’t forget the Pena do Lobo 2010, which is electric. Chill both of these.

Luberri Orlegi 2011. 13%. Here is the Rioja as they used to make and drink it in the days of Hemingway. Fresh, un-oxidized, thirst-quenching deliciousness. Did we mention semi-carbonic maceration? Drink it chilled like Beaujolais.