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There's more to Galicia: Monterrei

Amizade is a collaboration between Do Ferreiro and De Maison Selections. We have been interested in Galicia for quite some time and we were left with one last unrepresented D.O. in the region: Monterrei. Now our collection is complete with Amizade.

Galicia is a difficult terrain to maneuver without the help of an insider. It was through the relationship with Gerardo Mendez of Do Ferreiro that we were fortunate enough to meet Ramon Losada of D. Ventura. Today that relationship has continued with Gerardo looking to new frontiers.He was interested in creating a wine just for us that we could use as our house wine from Galicia, one that would represent our longstanding affection for Galicia. Amizade is the name of this project, the word is Galician for “friendship”.

Monterrei is a region of Spain in Galicia and bordering Portugal. It is a no man's land because of its remote location and lack of sophisticated approaches toward wine. Gerardo had long established a friendship with Toni Mendez, one of the premier growers in the region and president of the consejo regulador. Toni had been selling his grapes off to other wineries but with 2010 vintage he partnered with Gerardo to turn the grapes into Amizade.

The vineyard is called Quinturas and was planted from a selection of cuttings from a pre-phyloxerra parcel of centennial vines. This area is predominantly sandy soils with slate components. The site is located in the heart of Monterrei, in a valley where the cool nights have extended the viticultural cycle. The site is planted in rows following a north to south axis in order to capture as much sunlight as possible. Monterrei itself is a valley surrounded by mountains with some of the optimal vineyards on the valley floor because of the cooling nature of the valley floor. The grapes for the white are Godello cuttings from the ancient site and the red is predominantly Mencia with a small percentage of Caiño and Arauxa (a clone of Tempranillo) from the same pre-phyloxerra parcel of centennial vines. This ancient site comprises only one hectare and is a rich source of Monterrei’s heritage. There are thought to be over thirty different varietals represented in this one site. Plans are under way to make a bottling of a white and a red from this amazing parcel.

Vinification was all done at a very sophisticated facility in the region and utilized native yeast with fermentation in temperature controlled tanks. Bottled after six months of lees aging, these wines stand to drink well upon release and benefit from some bottle aging.

2011 Cocktail Contest: Sweet Wines of Jerez

Our 2011 Concoction Contest is underway. We want your original sweet wines of Jerez cocktails, please email them to us. The winner will receive a hand painted porron from this year's guest artist.