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A Drink From The Porron

Vermut de Grifo

Many years ago, we began a conversation with the Acha family to import their Patxaran. In the process, we discovered that a century ago their Basque style vermouth was as world-renowned as the famed digestif. To this day, Gabriel Acha maintains the recipes of his ancestors in his Vermouth Blanco and Rojo. We like to call them "drinking vermouths."

Vermouth is a tradition in Spain, with bars dedicated to the apéritif centered primarily in Madrid, Barcelona, and Basque Country. Each region has its own style, but they all share vermut de grifo (vermouth on tap). Because the wine is protected from oxidation and the temperature is regulated, each glass is a fresh glass. Stateside, this is a convenient way to offer a sample without the risk of spoilage, and a vermouth tap handle is a great conversation starter.

We tapped a Rojo keg in our office and have found that a vermut y sifó (vermouth and soda) before lunch is just about perfect. Even after a month, each glass has the transparency and crispness of a just opened bottle. We love using the Blanco with Martin Miller's Gin and orange bitters for a classic Martini, while the Rojo makes a fine Rye Manhattan. For lower alcohol cocktails, try one of our Sherries to mix a Bamboo or Adonis. Better yet, come up with your own recipe and submit it to our cocktail contest!