What's New in June

Praise for Godello

Eric Asimov, in his article “In Spain, the Promise of Godello”, draws attention to Galicia and the little known grape, godello. We are fortunate to have two wines selected by his panel and to have A Coroa chosen as the top wine.

The path that led us to both of these wines started 15 years ago when I first had the opportunity to travel to Galicia. Back then, it was not an easy place to get to because the roads were two lane trucking routes. As I explored and discovered some great wines (Do Ferreiro and Emilio Rojo), I became obsessed with finding godello-based wines.  Our search was hampered by the fact that many plantings of “godello” are actually verdejo or the cheaper substitute, palomino. In addition, many of the wines were too rustic and just poorly made. After many years of searching in Valdeorras, I ran into A Coroa and immediately fell in love with the wines.

A Coroa, well aware of the confusion about the region and the grape, planted an experimental plot with the Consejo Regulador to rediscover old clones of godello. From their findings they replanted ancient sites. A Coroa today occupies a privileged situation as the only producer to earn the back label called Godello Producción Controlada. This back label stipulates very low yields from vineyards controlled 100% by the producer.

After finding A Coroa we turned our attention to Monterrei, the fifth denomination in Galicia that we did not represent at the time. Because of the extreme remoteness of the region, the area was nearly forgotten. Thanks to Gerardo Mendez’ (Do Ferreiro) passion for his native Galicia he introduced us to a long time grower in the region interested in taking his plot and collaborating with Gerardo. This project, called Amizade, is a new exciting chapter that segues beautifully from the D Ventura wines that we started eight years ago as Gerardo's joint venture with Ramon Losada. This is all estate fruit from Gerardo Mendez' partnership with Toni Mendez, who owns these prestigious plots, and all are clonal selections sourced from centennial vines in the heart of Monterrei.

The label was chosen for its austerity, reflecting the seriousness of this endeavor between friends. The image on the label is the Gallic symbol of friendship.