What's New in June

Summertime is Cider-time

The season has begun! It’s time to break out those fresh, crisp, high-acid white wines of summer and join in the celebration. Our annual summer txakolina party tour, Txak Blok, is coming, and this year it’s bringing a new treat.

Trabanco Cosecha Propia is joining the party. Hailing from Asturias, located along Spain’s northern coast between Galicia and the Basque Country, this regional “wine” isn’t even a wine, it’s cider. Asturias is where Spain’s natural ciders, including Basque ciders like Isastegi Sagardo Naturala, originated. This region of Spain isn’t ideally suited for growing grapes but apple trees flourish here, and so the locals have historically drunk cider rather than wine.

The Cosecha Propia from Trabanco is a unique cider among those produced in Asturias. This cider is made from estate grown apples of numerous native apple varietals that have been approved by the Asturian Association of Cider Apple Growers. The juice is fermented with indigenous yeasts and in accordance to the guidelines for “Naturally Fermented Quality Cider” producing a low alcohol cider that is tart and without carbonation.

Trabanco Cosecha Propia 2009
Unripened, fruity apple on the nose. Dried roses and freshly churned butter with a crisp freshness on the palate. Finishes with a hint of grapefruit and lemon.

Keep your eyes open for the arrival of the Trabanco Cosecha Propia later this month and while you wait be sure to try their other cider: Poma Áurea, a méthode champenoise cider made using only indigenous yeasts.

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