What's New in May

A Drink From The Porron

Pairings: Lapola goes to the sushi bar.

One of our recent obsessions here in the office is the new vintage of Dominio do Bibei Lapola: a blend of Godello, Albariño and Doña Blanca. This Galician blend is from a mix of old and new vines found in Quiroga-Bibei, a sub-region of Ribeira Sacra. It spent some time on the lees in oak barrels before moving to concrete eggs to age for 18 months. This is a natural wine with so many different components to it that it stops you dead in your tracks and keeps you contemplating long after you’ve taken your last sip.

The other day, we were heading out to our favorite sushi place for lunch and decided to grab a bottle of the new 2012 vintage. It was the perfect wine for a blooming North Carolina spring day. We all find this wine to have perfect balance. It’s beautifully silky mouthfeel tastes like spring flowers in your mouth!

We ordered our usual favorites and it paired amazingly well with all of them! The most interesting part was how well it paired with the variety of textures. The perplexing mouthfeel of this wine matched with all of the different textures in the Chirashi bowl. The silkiness paired with the slippery salmon, however it also contrasted with the firm texture of the surf clam. It was a subtle enough wine that it did not overshadow any of the flavors of the fish itself, but it seemed to bring those flavors out even further. Lapola’s great structure and acidity made it a perfect pairing for Unadon. The cold Udon noodles, as a simple dish, allowed the true flavors of this wine to shine through. You could taste all of the layers, and they even helped to bring out the subtle flavors of the dish. The possibilities with Asian foods opened our minds to other pairings beyond traditional Japanese foods.