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Grilling with Rioja

Have you heard? It's rosé season! Judging from what we see on Facebook, at least, that seems to be all anyone can think about right now, and not without reason (hey, we obviously love our rosé too). But it's also the time of year to pull out the grill again, and if you're doing that, don't forget about reds, and do not forget about Rioja.

That tempranillo fruit is just perfect with the char of grilled meats. Mencos with a spicy pork sausage and grilled eggplant. Luberri Biga with a pimentón-rubbed chicken thigh. Ostatu Crianza with little lamb chops. Remelluri with a bone-in rib-eye. These combinations are just too good to not consider, no matter the season.

Or, here's a crazy idea: pop that rosé while you're grilling, then reach for the Rioja when you sit down. Best of both worlds. Treat yourself.