What's New in May

The Borders of Remelluri

Remelluri holds a privileged situation in Rioja as the winery that set the path for bringing Rioja into the modern age of winemaking. Maintaining a foot in the past while pushing the boundaries of modernization, the Remelluri family put aside modern chemicals for traditional farming methods and the winery is pushing for an organic certification in the near future.

Since Telmo’s return to his family’s estate in 2009, he has been hard at work to focus the winery on a path that would continue the work of his family. He is cutting production down to refocus Remelluri as a wine only from vineyards on the estate. That path led him to create a new wine called Lindes. In addition, Telmo is focusing on old vineyards of Garnacha and other varietals that could be separated into different cuvée’s in the future.

Lindes de Remelluri 2009

The Lindes de Remelluri, which means the “borders of Remelluri,” is a new project by Telmo Rodriguez from Remelluri. Lindes is being sourced from two vineyards adjacent to the Remelluri winery that were part of the blend but not part of the estate. The vineyards are farmed by two growers in the villages of San Vicente and Labastida. In the 2009 vintage the villages are bottled together but in 2010 they will be separate bottlings to showcase the identities that reflect Telmo’s interest in designating Rioja by places as opposed to processes (see Dr Vino’s recent interview with Telmo).

I am excited to introduce this new wine that encapsulates our concurrent philosophy of talking about villages in one of the most exciting “new” areas of Rioja.