What's New in March

Green Fields of Rioja: Orlegi

There have always been two styles of wines from Rioja: the classic Rioja that made the region famous and the joven, or young wine, that has always been a staple of daily life in the region. Light, round and fruity, it’s the everyday wine enjoyed by the locals, drank at every meal, and it is so ubiquitous that it is rarely given a second thought (especially by anyone outside of Rioja). The idea of bringing in such a wine from Rioja Alavesa intrigued us, and so we talked to Florentino and asked him what he drank at home.

Orlegi, Basque for green meadow, is this traditional light, fruit-forward wine of Rioja Alavesa that Florentino so loves. Made from 100% Tempranillo, the Orlegi is a mixture of whole-cluster and crushed-grape fermentation utilizing indigenous yeasts. The wine is bottled without aging and is meant to be consumed young.

This month will see the release of our newest wine from Luberri, the 2010 vintage Orlegi. Paired with Mencos from Rioja Alta and Arbanta from Rioja Baja, we have the opportunity to see the three distinct terruños of Rioja through the perspective of these un-oaked jovens. It is one more piece in the puzzle to complete the picture of Spain’s oldest Denomination of Origin.

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