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Introducing Joan d'Anguera Garnatxa

We have been working with the Anguera family for about 14 years now and have watched their incredible evolution. The two brothers Joan and Josep who make these wines have taken the ideas of their father to produce a unique set of wines from their lands to the next level.

In 2009 they began a new quest to turn their vineyard completely biodynamic. Coinciding with this new direction, they decided to make an experimental wine from their younger new cuttings of Grenache. For a few years we had been requesting a model of a wine based on the style that used to be prevalent in the region. A country wine made to be drunk daily.

Well this January we were treated to a great surprise at their winery when they presented the Garnatxa. Made organically and biodynamically, this wine was a little revelation. Fresh and fruit driven it was a clear representation of what Grenache tastes like from their vineyards. What was also incredible was the transparency and purity of the wine. To reflect this uniqueness and differentiate it from other ideas of this grape from this rest of Spain, it was given the name GARNATXA.  This is the name of Grenache in Catalan, the language of their area.

Vintage Notes:
2009 is a great vintage that produced complete and balanced wines. Great ripeness
coincided with a very good growing season producing wines with very good structure. 450 cases produced.

Tasting Notes:
Beautifully bright and transparent carmine red color. Fresh, floral aromas reminiscent of wild berries and Montsant garrigue (thyme and other mountain herbs). On the palate the wine is refreshing and savory with great purity and length.

Also New...

2010 Concoction Contest: Cider

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