What's New in February

A Drink From The Porron

Welcome to Salamanca

We are excited to introduce our newest D.O. in Spain: Sierra de Salamanca. This area near the Portuguese border focuses on low production of high quality wines from old vines of native varieties, mainly Rufete and Rufete Blanco. There are fewer than ten registered wineries in the region, and as a whole last year the region produced 80,000 liters of juice; 60,000 of those liters came from a winery called La Zorra. This winery is setting a high standard for quality in the region and is helping to build the reputation of Sierra de Salamanca.

Agustin Maillo started La Zorra by making wine for his restaurant but later decided that he wanted to expand to a commercial-sized winery to share all that this little region has to offer. His focus is to highlight the wide array of soils (slate, sand, clay) and show the variety of flora that is associated with this region. This focus also allows him to display Rufete by making wines that connect the drinker to the soul of Salamanca. All of his vines were planted between 1925 and 1950 and he is focused on maintaining old vineyards of Rufete, Tempranillo, and Garnacha. We are now working with three of their wines: La Zorra, a blend of Rufete and Tempranillo; Teso Rufete, 100% Rufete; and Teso Blanco, a blend of Palomino, Rufete Blanco, and Moscatel. La Zorra exemplifies all that Sierra de Salamanca is working to achieve.

Agustin is making a limited quantity of beautiful wines from old vines of native varieties. Not only is he introducing the world to Sierra de Salamanca, but also the exciting new varietals of Rufete and Rufete Blanco. Agustin is leading this D.O. at its onset and is working hard to build its reputation.