A Drink From The Porron

A Drink From The Porron

A Letter from André: De Maison Selections in 2018

2018 marks for us another exciting year with the expansion of our team. We are excited to announce the addition of Andrea Fullbright to our sales team. As a veteran of all aspects of the trade and a friend for the last twenty years, Andrea has decided to head up the Mid Atlantic for us. She brings over twenty years experience to this exciting new role. To help guide this expansion, Steven Alexander will be in charge of strategic development. In this new role he will be responsible for helping fine tune strategy and implementation of our approach to continue to deliver the outstanding level of commitment that our partners have come to appreciate. He will retain key accounts in the US and be point person for all national groups.

As we head into our twenty second year, we are incredibly excited about the possibilities ahead. As new winemakers rediscover unknown regions and access the global market, it creates an offering that is radically different then it might have been just a decade ago. Regions that didn't exist in our industry ten years ago occupy real estate next to ones that dominated for decades. No one could have foreseen how much change would have occurred in our industry.

With these changes in mind, we continue to follow no specific dogma or trends, instead we search for projects that have a true cultural imprint.That approach allows us to unearth incredible families doing imaginative work that is capable of redefining the landscape of our business. The approach of these producers has to be thoughtful, ecologically conscious and well crafted in telling of their place. Our role is to be the good stewards of these exciting discoveries by ensuring their provenance is impeccable.

We continue to lead in these efforts to find exciting wines and ensuring their provenance. Last year we made two very exciting discoveries, one of which was in Champagne where we discovered a young team leading the work on biodynamic farming in the region. We previewed their work last fall to great success. The second is in Bandol where we discovered a new domain from the heralded terraces of this region. A young family has taken over a historical site that was used to feed some of the greatest wines in the region. The strength of their offering is in the focus on being able to produce long lived red wines.

None of this would be possible without the incredible support of our distributors and the restaurants and retailers. Thanks to all of the partners who continue to allow for these amazing families to have a home in the US!


André Tamers