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Introducing Trinidad del Conde de Hervías

Trinidad del Conde de Hervías is the latest addition to our portfolio from Conde de Hervías. The exceptional location of this winery’s vineyards along the Ebro River are evident in this new bottling. It is sourced from three parcels that Iñigo Manso farms on the right bank of the river. Three vineyards, three soil types: Llano Alto (planted 1958 on clay calcareous soil with stony cover), Romero (planted 1978 on clay calcareous soil), and Las Arenillas (planted before 1864 on sandy clay calcareous soil).

Trinidad is the entry level Conde de Hervías wine that, unlike its big brothers, will be made every year. Fermented in stainless steel and then aged for 12 months in 2-to-3-year-old American and French barrels. This wine is an exceptional example of one of the top terroirs of Rioja Alta, along the Ebro River’s right bank.