What's New in January

A Drink From The Porron

A work well crafted.

If you look at the front of an Avinyó label you will see a saying. It was written many years ago by Joan Estève Nadal, the patriarch of Avinyó: "Del most flor, amb la dedicació i el rigor de l’obra artesanal ben feta."

This saying, which we initially translated on the back label of the first wine we imported, has been the basis of the philosophy that guides the company. It translates roughly to the following: "starting with the best part of the harvest [the must of the flower/free run juice], and exerting the dedication and rigor of a well-crafted work."

It is in this spirit that we work at De Maison Selections. We impose those values by choosing the best possible producers, by bringing the product over with the most exacting standards and by having the best group of people delivering the wines to you.

As we embark on the future we have many exciting new projects this year. In Spain, we discovered an amazing young producer in Bierzo. We are also expanding the amazing line of Sherries from César Florido by adding an Amontillado and a Cream Sherry. In France, we are adding another Savoie winery, a notable property from Cahors and a historically significant brandy house from Burgundy.

In addition to these new products, we also want to continue to be leaders in guaranteeing the integrity of all our shipments. We are extremely proud of our logistics in insuring temperature controls and we realize that technology is now on hand to give us a more accurate picture of the cold chain. We signed up last year with eProvenance, a firm focused on temperature monitoring technology for wine shipments. We have been analyzing data to help us improve on our cold chain management and enhancing our notion of "provenance". This notion of traceability is already in place in many industries where exacting standards are implemented to ensure that the origin of a product is as claimed.

As we enter our twentieth year we want to say thank you to all our customers, especially those who have been with us the longest!

- André Tamers