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What's New in 2015

I often comment about how much I have seen the industry change. The way we drink today and how we combine food and drink has radically changed. We have been part of that change by intimately involving ourselves with the evolution of the products we import. Today any of our customers could be drinking a Ribera del Duero, a Sherry or a cider with their Spanish or Spanish-influenced tapas. This could easily happen in a Macanese restaurant or an Irish cocktail bar that has nothing to do with Spain.

This is exciting stuff. What does the future hold for us? Nothing less than the most incredible time to be in our industry. Today we are no longer beholden to outdated ideas. The connectivity thanks to technology spreads the word. The great restaurants of the United States are everywhere. They are no longer concentrated in the great cities on the coasts. We eat creative food everywhere and therefore encounter creative beverage programs to match those efforts. Because of the valiant efforts of chefs and beverage directors we continue to be able to explore new directions.

This year we are exploring a new region of Spain known for its ham; Salamanca. I have been on the hunt for a grape called Rufete for over 15 years. In the last four years of extensive travels to the area we have found one of the most amazing new terruños of Spain and have found a young grower with an incredible vision. He has been working diligently to produce wines with uncommon character from an amazing biosphere in Northwest Spain.

In France we have also been fortunate enough to run into a new producer in the Mâconnais whose exacting standards and unique location will remind us that Chardonnay can be amazing and accessible at the same time even when it reaches its glorious heights. This is an area that I have always been fond of and am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to explore with a unique person.

I hope you continue to join us in exploring all of these frontiers.

Thanks again for all the amazing support!

-André Tamers