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What's New in 2014

Over the last five years, Spanish wines imported into this country have changed dramatically. We have shifted from a perception of a country producing principally red wines to one known today for its incredible diversity. The biggest phenomenon has been the recognition of the white wines of Spain.

An insatiable appetite for imaginative, Spanish style food has created a whole new category of Spanish restaurants that reflect the ever-evolving nature of the culinary movement of the United States. These new restaurants elevated the Spanish wine category and propelled a great many “new” regions to the fore. We are incredibly thankful to these pioneers for breaking the boundaries of Spain.

Today, breaking boundaries continues with the expansion of our Spanish portfolio. Our focus on cider has been incredibly rewarding. Spain has a long history of cider and there are innovative new projects that we are exploring in this very dynamic category. In addition, this year we are introducing seven new spirits from Spain. These orujos, brandies and vermouths are an important part of the history of imbibing in Spain.

We also continue to explore in France, where my roots lie. Having just returned from the Alpine regions of France where I spent my summers during my childhood, it was thrilling to rediscover wines that reminded me of my family. My grandfather Pierre Demaison was a Savoyard and eating fondue in the mountains brought back fond memories. This year we are excited to introduce wines from new producers who have never been represented in the United States. Thanks to all who have been loyal supporters. Looking forward to another great year!

-André Tamers